3D Generalist-Director, Web 3.0, AR/VR Pipeline Architect

Specializing in defining pipelines, software and technology for the production of AR/VR for Web 3.0 experiences as well as creating and troubleshooting global artist interactions thru cloud systems. After 20+ years in leading CG teams in the production of traditional elements for commercials, social media and other video/film media, I’ve turned my skills towards identifying pathways for the production of experiences in Web 3.0 spaces. I understand the process of creating AR and game style experiences from creation to streaming and hosting, and created content and curated that experience in VR. My software knowledge includes Maya, Nuke, Adobe products, and many others. In the Web 3.0 space, exploration into Epic apps such as Unreal Engine, Metahuman, custom Avatar sculpts from iPhone facial captures in Reality Capture, as well as Quixel Bridge, and finally, used Mesh to Meta plugin to import those sculpts. All of this in an effort to make custom usable rigged Avatars in Unreal Engine creations and readied them for use with Text 2 Speech, Inertial Capture Systems and Voice 2 Speech. I’ve explored gaming apps such as Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite and others with the intention of using them for creating experiences for Global clients. Defined and understand appropriate Streaming Platforms and specific experience developers. The concept of Dev Ops on Streaming and how that might impact streaming costs. How to bring in 3rd party vendors to increase bandwidth, and what’s appropriate to optimize customer experiences thru design and optimization. Understand the uses of Nvidia’s Omniverse and have designed pipelines for its use with PBR shaders, and USD assets in a global cloud machine and server context.

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